Marketing Automation Report:

Defining the Future of Real Estate Marketing

The Imprev Thought Leader Survey provides insights into key challenges top real-estate industry executives face and encourages an exchange of ideas and solutions. We conduct this survey twice a year, releasing the results directly to survey participants as well as to the industry at large.

Over the last few years a new category of software has exploded on the technology scene. Billion dollar acquisitions of Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot, have Marketing Automation being touted by many as the solution to the lead conversion challenge – and the profits that follow.

However, we have observed that solutions from outside of real estate rarely apply successfully to our industry. And Marketing Automation may not be any different. To test our thesis, we focused the 2015 Thought Leader Survey on Marketing Automation to understand how real estate leaders define it. Their responses provide fascinating insights into how real estate's automation requirements are different from other industries and how Marketing Automation will likely change the future of real estate marketing.

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