Upstream™ Study:

Real Estate Leaders Assess the Future of Their Data

The Imprev Thought Leader Survey provides insights into key challenges top real-estate industry executives face and encourages an exchange of ideas and solutions. We conduct this survey twice a year, releasing the results directly to survey participants as well as to the industry at large.

Upstream™ has taken over the hot-topic spotlight in the real estate industry. UpstreamRE, LLC is a broker-owned company created by a coalition of brokerages, networks, and national franchisors to build a centralized data repository of listing information.

The completion of Upstream™ poses immense change for the way brokers handle and market their data—which is why I believe it's time to hear directly from the real estate broker community. What do real estate leaders think about the project's stated goals? What are their biggest hopes and concerns for the project? Their responses show great support for the project, while pointing to a knowledge gap that still exists in the wider community.

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